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Please scroll down to join my waitlist, I will be sending an email to you for your Intake appointment.  In the meantime, please call your insurance to find out your OON (out of network) coverage.  Some things to ask are on my Book Online page.  Scroll down to see the site menu, see you soon!


 You may have some questions about how therapy can help you and I have made a list below that may be helpful.

Psychotherapists may

  • Utilize their training, attunement and emotional availability in a therapeutic context which may help with attachment repair, more effective boundaries,  emotional regulation,  and insight into the function of problematic behaviors. 

  • Facilitate rewiring old attachment responses and help clients create the space for slowing down and making different choices.

  • Help clear embodied traumatic symptoms such as bracing/tightness, vigilance, and anxiety using EMDR and/or Somatic Experiencing. 

  • Create a safe space for their clients to learn to cultivate inner calm, regulate their nervous system, and develop a 'felt sense' of safety in the 'Now' instead of being a prisoner of the past or hostage of the future.

I look forward to connecting with you on your journey towards emotional & behavioral health and well-being.


Jennifer Baker LPC RPT ACS

EMDR Certified

EMDR Consultant in Training

Safe and Sound Protocol Certified

Registered Play Therapist

Approved Clinical Supervisor

President NJ Assoc. for Creativity in Counseling, a Division of NJCA.


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Before your appointment, it may be helpful to call your insurance agency to find out your benefits and deductibles.

Sample questions that may help you are located on the booking information page.

You are responsible for paying for services when they are rendered and managing your account, benefits, contacting your insurance,  I am an OON (out of network) provider and do not accept any insurances.

At your first appointment, we will go over the Intake Paperwork you have downloaded and/or filled out through the Client Therapy Portal before your visit. 

We will then discuss your needs and goals,  what they will look like when you achieve them, and explore potential treatment options. 

If you have any questions, please call or email to speak with me.


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