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Parenting Blog that has caught my attention

From the Blog:

Peace In Your Home is a site dedicated to helping parents and families learn new tools to crack outdated and unproductive myths about parenting. These beliefs usually stem from the way we were raised as children and what we have heard or seen over the years.

Peace In Your Home was founded by parenting instructors, Jeff Everage and Susie Walton. Our methodology is based upon the International Network for Children and Families‘ nationally-recognized parenting course, Redirecting Children’s BehaviorTM, authored by Kathryn Kvols.

If we look at the high incidence of teen behavioral problems, law infractions, and even suicide, it becomes obvious that many of the old beliefs are not working. Parents want the best for their children, but many of us are still searching for the tools to raise resilient, responsible, capable, and emotionally stable children.

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