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What do I do first?

1. Call your insurance company to ask about your coverage. I am an Out Of Network Provider and send an electronic bill to your insurance and a check is issued to you at your home address.  I do provide specialty services so you may be able to get services covered if you cannot find someone in network that does EMDR.  The codes I use are located on the 'book online' page.  You are responsible for paying for services regardless of your coverage.
2. Print out the paperwork and fill it out.  BOTH PARENTS MUST SIGN CONSENT FOR MINORS.  You may choose to NOT bring your children to the intake session so you can speak freely about concerns and goals.
3. Arrive a few minutes before your session and use the door closest to the Lacey Road.  My name is on the building where the entrance you should be using is located.
4. Read more online at my website about the services I offer, this may allow you to generate questions to ask during your intake.
5. Contact me with any questions, enjoy the journey!

Do I need to bring all this paperwork?

Please print out and fill out the paperwork BEFORE your session.  This way we can focus on what your would like to achieve in our time together.

How long does each therapy session take?

Session can range from 45-60 minutes.  Play therapy sessions include a 'parenting time' component where we can discuss parenting skills that will benefit the current family dynamic.

What services do you provide and how do I learn more about them?

I use talk therapy, EMDR, the Flash Technique & Play Therapy.  Please go to the Watch & Read more page to read about these interventions in depth.

1044 Lacey Road, Forked River NJ 08731
14 Church Street, Little Silver NJ 07739

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