Concierge Services

Counseling tailored to your needs.

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What is concierge counseling?

This approach to counseling allows you more intensive and individualized access to your counselor on a daily and weekly basis. One can think of concierge counseling as having a counselor on retainer.

I am there for you when you need me.

It is a unique relationship that blends your specific therapeutic needs with your real-life goals in a way that can bring faster more long-lasting change. We will work together to determine what combination of services will work best for your needs. These services can include a combination of counseling, psycho-education, motivational practices, skills training, life-skills, consulting, life-organization and more.

They can take place one-on-one in the office, home and/or community (work, school, etc.).

Another unique aspect to the concierge counseling I provide is that I am able to come to you, if needed.

 This is beneficial for several reasons:

1. This eliminates the added time that is required to come to an office. 

2. I can more easily work with the entire family system or couple if needed.

3. It provides increased confidentiality (not coming to a therapist's office).

4. Address issues in their natural environment (anxiety, child behavior concerns, etc.).

Sometimes you need counseling outside the office atmosphere.   Please call and discuss how I can best meet your therapeutic goals tailored to fit your lifestyle, business, or consulting needs.